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Taking part in the ribbon cutting were (front, left to right) - Trustee James and Sis Brown of Dalton, Ga., Syble and Trustee Jim Boring of Dalton Ga., Reinhardt President Dr. J Thomas Isherwood; (back, left to right) Vice President of Heery International Inc. Mr. Neils Hubbel, Trustee R. Greg Meadows of Waleska, Ga., Architect Lowell Kirkman, SGA President Mathew Pinson, Trustee Cecil Pruett of Canton, Ga., and Trustee Ken White '61 of Rocky Face, Ga.

Brown Boring Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Remarks from Reinhardt President Dr. J. Thomas Isherwood
at the Back to School Barbecue and Ribbon Cutting

Welcome to the Back to School Barbecue! Thanks to our hosts, Heery Construction, for our wonderful food, and thanks to all of you for making the ribbon cutting for the James & Sis Brown Athletic Center and the Jim and Syble Boring Sports Complex such a festive occasion.

Many of you have heard me speak about how Reinhardt challenges and cares for our students, faculty, staff and alumni. Just like our experiences up the hill, our experiences in these facilities must evidence challenge and care. In physical education classes, we learn new skills, we expand our knowledge of the human body and its healthy operation. Our students are challenged by faculty who set high goals, but they are supported and nurtured by these same faculty. On the field of play, our athletes and coaches, our cheerleaders and fans, enjoy the thrill, the challenge of competition, and these heady emotions are heightened by our compassion for one another. We focus on the right things at Reinhardt, on playing a good, clean game and on valuing each athlete's contribution. We're Reinhardt when we cheer no matter the score. We're Reinhardt when our coaches and athletes define a successful season as more than just wins and losses. We're Reinhardt when we savor the life lessons we learn on the court, in the field or in the classroom.

And we're also Reinhardt when we take the time to truly thank those who have helped us along our way. Thank you to James and Sis Brown and Jim and Syble Boring for bringing Reinhardt into the 21st Century in terms of intercollegiate athletics and physical education. Because of your kind and generous gifts, we now have a gymnasium fitting of our popular athletic program, plus we have added much needed training and support facilities. Reinhardt has long been blessed with generous people who care passionately about this institution, our students and our mission, and for this support, we are most grateful. Let's take a moment and show our gratitude to the Browns and the Borings.

The Browns began their legacy of athletic support at Reinhardt in 1982 when they helped to complete the physical education building now named in their honor. This fine facility served the institution well for many years, but when the College began competing athletically as a four-year school in 1999, we had fallen behind our peers in the NAIA. The Browns and the Borings stepped forward to help.

And their gifts came at exactly the right time. Because of this construction, we have been able to add volleyball this fall, and we are poised to add men's baseball and women's fastpitch softball next fall.

Also, I would like to show our gratitude to Kirkman Associates, Architects, and Heery Construction for helping translate our dreams into reality. You listened when we described what we needed and wanted, and you transformed those visions first into blueprints, timelines and budgets, and then into wood, bricks and mortar. Projects of this scale are never easy, but with your expertise and wise counsel, a true metamorphosis has taken place. To all of you who worked so hard, we also say thank you. Let's also take a minute to show our appreciation to these folks, as well.

I want to close my remarks with a challenge. Our health is a gift from God, and I hope you will appreciate these facilities for their beauty and their sense of purpose, for the contribution they can make to our physical growth as an institution and as individuals. They are evidence of our institution's commitment to the student-athlete and to our exciting development as a baccalaureate institution. Our best days are yet to come. Thank you.

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