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07/03/03 - Reinhardt To Award Academic Credit For United Methodist Course Of Study Students

Seeking to honor its ties with the United Methodist Church, educate students as whole persons, serve the community, and focus on Christian values as exemplified in the life and teachings of Christ, the faculty and trustees of Reinhardt College have approved a program to offer college credit to students in the Course of Study School of the United Methodist Church.

The Course of Study School (COSS) is an academic and ministerial program designed to educate and train pastors to serve in the United Methodist Church, as part of their requirements for ordination. It is also accredited by the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry of the United Methodist Church, Division of Ordained Ministry.

 The program will facilitate the earning of academic degrees by students who have finished or are completing course work in the Course of Study School (COSS - Basic and Advanced). Reinhardt, upon review of a COSS student transcript may be able to grant up to 24 semester hours toward the Bachelor of Arts in Religion for applicants who are eligible for admission to Reinhardt. These credits will meet the requirements for the major. In addition to the credit awarded for COSS completion, the applicant may receive additional academic credit based on other alternative methods of earning credit including standardized testing programs and evaluation of life experiences.

"We want to celebrate and affirm the work done by COSS in helping equip part of our clergy nationwide. We believe that this program provides collegiate work relevant and equivalent to part of the requirements to the Bachelor of Arts in Religion offered by Reinhardt," said Dr. Aquiles Martinez, associate professor of religion at Reinhardt.

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