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03/11/05 - Reinhardt Student Organization Holds Silent Auction on March 17

The Model of the United Nations Reinhardt Association (MUNRA) will host the first International Souvenir Silent Auction on Thursday, March 17, 2005, starting at 9 a.m. and ending at 6 p.m. The auction will take place on the third floor of the Hill Freeman Library located on Reinhardt College's Main Campus in Waleska, Ga.

MUNRA plans to auction authentic, souvenir items from many countries throughout the world, including Columbia, Israel, Albania and El Salvador. The items range from hand-made bags and clothing, bracelets and necklaces, and figurines. MUNRA's president and a Reinhardt College senior Jose Vides invites community members to bid on the varied items. "Everyone is welcome to come out," Vides says.

The auction will support the local MUNRA chapter's trip to the annual national conference, to be held in New York City, New York from March 22-27, 2005. Attending the conference will cost $3500, and MUNRA's goal is to raise $500.

"The conference is a mock example of the real United Nations. [MUNRA] will have to attend sessions to discuss problems and then come up with resolutions," Vides says.

Vides and other members of the group, Carlos Cadena, Carolina Daza, and Andi Demcellari, will attend the conference with students from both Ivy League and international schools. "By [MUNRA] attending the conference, we are now at the same level with Harvard, Universities of England, China, and Italy," he adds. "It's nice to see the list of schools and then see Reinhardt's name on it, too."

MUNRA, a debating club, is a newly formed organization at Reinhardt. Vides, along with MUNRA's vice president senior Carlos Cadena, decided to organize a group dedicated to politics and political science. The club encourages students to voice their opinions on international relations, negotiation and problem solving, and making a difference in the world. "We like politics and what's happening in the world," Vides said.

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