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Murray Department of Music Acquires 34 New Kawai Pianos

As the first concert grand piano was carried into the concert hall of the Falany Performing Arts Center, so began a new day for the Murray Department of Music at Reinhardt College as the newest member of the Kawai EPIC program.

Kawai America, a California-based piano manufacturer, started the EPIC (Elite Performing Instrument Collection) program with the Shigeru Kawai Endowment. Institutions that qualify are given the opportunity to acquire an elite assortment of fine Kawai and Shigeru Kawai instruments at sponsored cost levels.
"The music program at Reinhardt provides a challenging and rewarding educational experience," said Dr. Dennis McIntire, assistant dean for music. 'We had to select performance instruments that would enable our students to meet our high academic standards. Kawai and Shigeru Kawai pianos exceed our standards of instrumental excellence and benefit not only the students and faculty, but also the concert artists from around the world who perform here."

Beginning in December, the first three grand pianos were placed with more on the way, including new digital pianos for the music lab. McIntire said the reaction from students was "unbelievable."

"We've had more potential piano students audition than the last three years combined just since word has gotten out about this acquisition," McIntire said.

McIntire credited the enthusiasm and dedication of Reinhardt Trustee Ken White and Reinhardt President Dr. J. Thomas Isherwood with helping this KAWAI partnership come to fruition.

"With the support of both Mr. White and Dr. Isherwood, we are making great strides forward for the music program at Reinhardt," McIntire said.

As an EPIC institution, Reinhardt will also receive national recognition sponsored by Kawai in music and trade publications, will be permanently featured on the Kawai US website, have regular visits from Kawai Master Piano Artisans and access to Kawai artists and speakers.

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