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Reinhardt College Invites Community to Ethics Seminar "Leading with Integrity: What Would You Do?" on February 13

The community is invited to attend "Leading with Integrity: What Would You Do?," Reinhardt College's Annual Business Ethics Conference on Tuesday, Feb. 13, 2007, from 9:30 - 10:40 a.m. in the W. Frank and Evelyn J. Gordy Center in Waleska, Ga.  The conference is hosted by the McCamish School of Business and is free of charge. Assistance from the Peter S. Knox family & The Tull Foundation are providing funds for this seminar. 

The presenter will be Dr. Lynn Slavenski who has senior human resources experience with Equifax University, Coca-Cola USA, Blue Cross/Blue Shield and many other well known companies and governmental entities.  She plans to lead an interactive workshop with video scenarios and group discussions.

"Business students today need to address ethics, and this seminar will complement what we are already teaching in the classroom," Garson said.  "The news is filled with examples of why ethical decision-making is critical: Enron, political porkbarrel legislation (bridge to nowhere in Alaska), inefficient use of taxpayer money, in appropriate handling of pension funds, etc..  Organizations operate at warp speed so difficult choices have to be made quickly by well intentioned, but stressed and busy people," Garson said. "Every time employees find themselves in these complex situations, they may hold their well being, or the future of their company, in their hands.  This seminar will teach how to make the right decisions quickly."

Slavenski will address many common ethical situations, including document retention and destruction; intellectual property use; confidential information policies; computer technology; conflict of interest; accepting and giving gifts; and maintenance of quality products and services.

Garson invited Slavenski to Reinhardt because of her broad-ranging executive experience. "She is well known in the training community throughout the United States for her human resources knowledge, speaking and writing skills," Garson said. "As well as providing outstanding leadership, she is an executive that walks the ethical talk. And as consultant with Big Brothers and Sisters, she has spearheaded a major project with Equifax and Big Brothers to mentor young people."

Slavenski's advanced degrees are in career/organizational, human resource development and management.  She has also been an adjunct faculty member in business for Mercer University.  Other consulting assignments have involved Bell South Enterprises, BellSouth Corp, the Department of Labor, Sanno Institute - Japan, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the American Red Cross, Prudential Bank, Georgia Institute of Technology, Fernbank Museum, the Center for Puppetry Arts,  Campbell Soup, Home Depot, GE-Capital, Solvay, Cingular and Dex Media . 

A published writer, Slavenski has given more than 50 presentations for professional organizations in areas such as assessment, development and culture change. She was featured in the July 2006 issue of Chief Learning Officer Magazine, and she received the Walter Story Career Award and a Technology Woman of the Year Award.

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