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Voter Registration Drive at Reinhardt College Could Boost the Number of Votes Cast in the Upcoming Elections 

Young adults in our nation can make an impact on the direction our country takes by going to the polls in presidential, state and local elections. The U.S. Census Bureau reported that in 2004 only 57.6 percent of people ages 18-24 were registered to vote, and only 46.7 percent of those registered actually voted.

On September 26, 2008, Reinhardt College is holding a Voter Registration Drive to encourage students to take the first step in making a difference in our country and our state by registering to vote or updating their voter registration.

"Students Can Make History One Vote at a Time."
“Reinhardt hosts a Voter Registration Drive to raise awareness for students to know that they can make a difference and that their opinion is important,” said Becky Cavender, the College’s coordinator of student activities. “Students need to make voting a habit early on in their lives, and starting in college is a good place to begin. It also creates positive peer pressure to go out and vote.

“Students are allowed to register to vote at their college address,” Cavender explained. “Whether they choose to register and vote in Cherokee County or not, everyone wants to be a part of history and this year’s presidential election will set a precedent. Students have a chance to make history one vote at a time.”

Increased Turnout at the Polls
Janet Munda, Cherokee County’s supervisor of elections and registration, believes that if students make the effort, turnout at the polls this year could take a sharp increase compared to years past.

“Registered voters in the City of Waleska will have to vote at two different locations; to vote on the federal, state and county issues they must go to their county assigned precinct and to vote in the City of Waleska elections, they will have to go to the city assigned location, which is City Hall. If students put forth the effort to go to both places, it will definitely increase voter turnout.”

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