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Reinhardt is Springing Into "Green" - New and Current Initiatives Promote "Green" Decision-Making

When it comes to being "green," the Reinhardt College community has stepped up to the challenge. Initiatives are taking place all across campus to start new programs and to continue in current activities that promote the actions of going "green."

"Our goal is to promote social awareness by encouraging members of our campus community and leadership to take responsibility for their actions and decisions," said Briana Moody, Student Government Association president.

Spring Into Green
This spring, the SGA in conjunction with RC Green, the campus-wide sustainability committee, will host a "Spring into Green" Campaign, which will begin mid-March and continue until Earth Day, April 22. During this month-long initiative, there will be activities to educate the campus community on sustainability.

Year of Going Green
To promote increased awareness on campus, the SGA plans to propose to the Reinhardt Faculty Senate the concept of a "Year of Green."

"The ‘Year of' program would not focus on a geographical region (for example, this year is the Year of the Mediterranean), but on an initiative that would encourage healthy dialogue, forward thinking, and behaviors to foster a collective awareness of how our actions toward the planet effect future generations," explained Moody. "The discussion of environmental respect would not only effect the students currently at Reinhardt but would also help create a lifetime of positive decisions."

Successful Recycling ProgramRecyling Program at Reinhardt.
Positive "green" decision-making has already taken place in the efforts of maintaining a successful recycling program on campus. Mary Laing (right), support services coordinator, along with Zach White (left), horticulturist, and the "Reinhardt Recycles Committee," spearheaded the initiative to keep the recycling program at Reinhardt despite Cherokee County ceasing to operate the county-wide program.

"Because of the county's changes in its recycling program, changes had to made to our recycling program," said Laing. "We have now partnered with Southeast Paper for our paper recycling. New green signs have been placed on our 20 gray recycling bins, which you can now throw paper, newspaper, phonebooks and magazines into together without separating them out. These bins are in various locations throughout campus."

Recycling Locations on Campus
Two large red and green dumpsters are also available for paper recycling and are located behind the College's Dobbs Science Center and between Roberts and Gordy residence halls.

"We thank the Reinhardt community for its continued efforts to support the recycling program and help the College become even more green through new initiatives," Laing said.

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