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Mary Laing Honored with Reinhardt College Bridge Award

Mary Laing receives Bridge Award.Mary Laing, who has served Reinhardt College for more than four years, recently received the 2009 Reinhardt College Bridge Award at a faculty senate meeting on April 14, 2009. The award is given on a yearly basis to a staff member in recognition and appreciation of outstanding service and commitment to the faculty and students of the College.

"The Bridge Award recognizes a staff member who has a positive, caring attitude; someone who is known to go the second mile in assisting others and completing their tasks," said Dr. Margaret Morlier, associate professor of English. "Mary Laing exemplifies the description for this award because she always has a positive and cheerful attitude."

Honored and Happy
Laing came to Reinhardt in October 2004 and currently serves as support services coordinator in the Office of Finance and Administration. She resides in the Lake Arrowhead community of Waleksa, Ga.

"I feel honored and happy to have been chosen for this award," said Laing. "Helping people is something I've naturally done all my life-from my children and family to the people I've worked with. 

"Our job in Support Services is to assist faculty, staff and students with their needs and help them in any way we can. As the College's recycling program coordinator, I have also brought together these groups to work towards a common goal of sustainability on campus. I try to build ‘bridges' in many different ways so to support the positive well being of the College community."

Award Description
The award, established in 2005 as a formal way for faculty to express appreciation to a staff member, is presented by the Reinhardt Faculty Senate and was the idea of Dr. Theresa L. Ast, associate professor of history. Faculty nominate staff members and then select the recipient for the honor. The award is given to a staff member who deserves appreciation for his or her positive, caring attitude; someone who is known to go the second mile in assisting others and completing their tasks; someone who works hard to build  "bridges" between students, faculty, staff, and the local community and, as a result, strengthens the Reinhardt College community.

"Ever Cheerful and Efficient"
"She was described by one of the faculty members who nominated her as ‘ever cheerful and efficient,'" Morlier said. "Her cheerfulness and efficiency contribute to the high morale of the Reinhardt community."

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