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Reinhardt Honors Faculty Dedication with Presentation of Four Awards


2009 Faculty Award Winners
Reinhardt College faculty members Dr. Kenneth Wheeler (from left), associate professor of history; Mrs. Susan Naylor, associate professor of music; Mrs. Elizabeth Smith, assistant professor of mathematics and sciences; and Dr. Jonathan Good, assistant professor of history, were honored at a recent Faculty Senate meeting for dedication to their profession and to the College's students.

At a recent Faculty Senate meeting held on Tuesday, April 14, administrators underscored the crucial role that faculty play in making Reinhardt a true community of challenge and care. Among the outstanding faculty honored at the meeting were Dr. Jonathan Good, Mrs. Elizabeth Smith, Dr. Kenneth Wheeler and Mrs. Susan Naylor.

Dr. Jonathan Good - Faculty Research and Scholarship Award
The Faculty Research and Scholarship Award went to Good , an assistant professor of history who has taught at Reinhardt for five years. His research article "Richard II and the Cults of Saints George and Edward the Confessor," was recently published in Translatio, or the Transmission of Culture in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance: Modes and Messages, ed. Laura Hollengreen (Turnhout: Brepols, 2008), 161-78.    

Good, a resident of White, Ga., was selected for the honor by a committee of fellow faculty. On receiving the award he stated "Reinhardt is primarily a teaching institution, and rightly so, but I am grateful for the support the College has given me in getting my book through the press and honored that it should recognize me with this award."

Elizabeth Smith - Jane England Faculty Award for Excellence
Smith, an assistant professor of mathematics and sciences, was honored with the Jane England Faculty Award for Excellence. The $500 award is named for a long-time Reinhardt faculty member who retired in May 2001 and passed away in January 2007. England was a professor of history and political science for 31 years at the College. She also served in numerous leadership roles, including advisor to the student newspaper and faculty chair. Upon her retirement, Reinhardt established this annual faculty award, along with a scholarship fund, in her honor.

"I am truly grateful to receive such an award especially considering how dedicated and talented all the teachers are at Reinhardt," explained Smith, who has taught at the College for three years and resides in Waleska, Ga. "I enjoy teaching at Reinhardt because the students, teachers, administrators and staff  have very positive and enthusiastic outlooks on life."

Dr. Kenneth Wheeler - United Methodist Exemplary Teacher Award
The prestigious United Methodist Exemplary Teacher Award was presented to Wheeler.  Funded by the Division of Higher Education of the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry of the United Methodist Church, the award is given annually to a Reinhardt faculty member to recognize excellence in teaching, commitment to value-centered education and service to students at the College.  Wheeler, an associate professor of history, has taught at Reinhardt for 10 years. He was chosen by his peers for this award.

"Ten years ago, when I joined the faculty at Reinhardt College, the United Methodist Exemplary Teacher Award was the only teaching award the College offered.  I remember thinking that someday I would like to earn that award, so it is a special pleasure to receive it.

"The things that gave me pleasure and fulfillment from the very beginning of my time at Reinhardt College have remained constant," he said. "In a beautiful place to work, I have mentors and colleagues dedicated to being fine persons and excellent teachers. And I have so many good-hearted students with bright minds and promising futures ahead of them. I find Reinhardt a truly uplifting place to teach."

Susan Naylor - Vulcan Materials Company Teaching Excellence Award
Reinhardt College Associate Professor of Music Susan E. Naylor , of Waleska, Ga., was honored with the Vulcan Materials Company Teaching Excellence Award.

"I feel honored, humbled, and ecstatic to be recognized as an excellent teacher among so many excellent teachers," said Naylor, who has taught at the College 33 years. "Along with challenges, the students in the music department bring joy and delight to my life. I can't imagine a more rewarding and fulfilling vocation."

Vulcan's Southeast Division has sponsored the teaching excellence award since the early 1990s through the Georgia Foundation for Independent Colleges, Inc. The award is presented to a faculty member at each of the GFIC's 25-member institutions, in recognition of outstanding contributions to undergraduate education, student learning, and campus life.

"We support the work of our faculty."
Dr. Robert L. Driscoll, vice president for academic affairs and dean of the College, concluded the awards presentation. "Reinhardt is an exciting place; a college of change and opportunity. As the institution continues to be enhanced with more training, better technology, and more opportunities to learn, we support the work of our faculty and trust the commitment they make to providing our students with the best possible learning experience."

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