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Stella Lohmann is Making a Name for Herself in the Blogging World

Stella LohmannStella Lohmann is setting her sights in a world that's new to her-the blogging world.  Lohmann, a Reinhardt College senior communication leadership major, has already enjoyed success in traditional media in Texas; but now as an Atlanta Press Club qualified journalist, she's venturing into a medium of journalism new to her: the blogosphere.

Getting Her Voice Heard
"The reason I began the blog: was simple-once a cheerleader, always a cheerleader," said Lohmann. "I am using what I have learned to develop my own brand in response to those who have encouraged me to use my voice to motivate others to action."

And her voice has already generated attention. One week ago, Lohmann went all the way to the top and interviewed John Rice, Co-Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of General Electric's (GE) Technology Infrastructure Division, in Atlanta about such hot button issues as health care reform and the movement of GE's headquarters to London. The videotaped interview, posted on her blog, inspired a media frenzy. It was picked up by the Washington Times and was featured LIVE on CBS Radio, June 26, 2009, where she was later offered a regular slot on the show's main website alongside other contributors like Eric Boling of Fox Business News.

Expressing Herself and Encouraging Others
Why blog? Lohmann feels that everyone has a voice and a legitimate reason to contribute as a citizen. "These are challenging times, and we are all charged to impact those within our circles of influence. The blog is one way to express not only my patriotism and love of God and Country, but also add thoughtful analysis to current issues. So many times we say, ‘God Bless America!' but I'd rather America bless God for the country He has given to be a light in the world."

Lohmann's life has gone full circle. She began in college as a cheerleader who switched from speech pathology to be a news and sports reporter and later magazine show host, but she never finished her degree. She worked in broadcast television and radio as well as in corporation communications and motion pictures primarily in Texas. Lohmann, now a resident of Cumming, Ga., moved to Atlanta in 1994 and was a witness to how 9/11 changed "not only how we perceive ourselves forever, but how business is done worldwide."

Capitalizing on an Education
She decided to attend Reinhardt College in order to round out her resume as a consultant and in the not so distant future, an author. Her goal is to be self-employed and to market herself this time on her own terms. Now six months away from earning a degree, she wants everyone to know that "it's wise to never stop learning and look for news ways to contribute no matter how old or experienced you are."

Lohmann feels that her experiences at Reinhardt have contributed to her success in the classroom and on the World Wide Web. "Reinhardt instructors like Dr. Katharine Hyatt [assistant professor of business]  and Richard Goodwin [adjunct instructor] have been two of the best I've ever had. Whether I continue through a master's program or not, I know they have prepared me with sound business foundations and capitalized on my communications background and real life experiences.

"Being at Reinhardt has filled in the gaps of my career with sound business knowledge and application to the real world, as volatile as it is right now. We know that security is not found in a paycheck, and we all are having to be (even) courageous to venture into unchartered territory of an uncertain future. It's nice to know that I will take not only a solid education but also great friendships for a lifetime."

What's Next?
What's next for Lohmann in her new world of blogging? She is researching a follow up to the GE healthcare story with a look at the how the stage has been set long before healthcare became the political hot potato it is now. And she will take an in-depth look at morality and leadership-does personal weakness disqualify elected officials from leadership?

"The next video interview and article will be from Ground Zero with the NYPD Commissioner who worked side by side with Mayor Rudy Guiliani and President Bush and was on the phone with VP Dick Cheney when the second plane flew into the Pentagon," said Lohmann. "And of course the upcoming nationwide Tea Parties and 2010 elections. I hope my fellow students will drop by and represent Reinhardt in the discussion."

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