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Phi Alpha Theta History Honor Society
Georgia Regional Conference
March 20, 2010

The Reinhardt chapter of Phi Alpha Theta, the honor society for students of history, will be hosting this year's Georgia Regional conference at Reinhardt this Saturday. Students from all over Georgia will be presenting their work, as will eight Reinhardt students or recent alums. More details of the conference may be seen here:

Maps and directions to Reinhardt.

Schedule [last updated 3/16/10]

9:00-10:00: Registration (Hill Freeman Library)

10:00-10:15: Welcome, Tom Isherwood, President, Reinhardt College (Hill Freeman Library)

10:30 First Concurrent Sessions (Tarpley and Lawson Hall)


Session 1: The Nineteenth Century (Tarpley 213)

Presider: Lisa Crutchfield, LaGrange College

Lara Spradley, Georgia State University: "Alfred Nobel: The Incomparable Inventor"

Dan Audia, Reinhardt College: "The Gauchos of Argentina"

Session 2: China and India (Lawson 104)

Presider: Mary Rolinson, Georgia State University

Barbara Stamey, Reinhardt College: "The Practice of Footbinding in China"

Sajal Patel, Mercer University: "The British Civilizing Mission through Education and Language in Nineteenth-Century India"

Louis Cipra, Reinhardt College: "The Opium Wars and the Making of Modern China"

Session 3: The Confederacy and the Civil War (Lawson 110)

Presider: Jonathan Atkins, Berry College

Jenny Fingles, Mercer University: "Sensory History of Camp Sumter and the Impact on the Cultural Concept of Death"

Robert L. Glaze, University of West Georgia: "Saint and Sinner: Robert E. Lee, Nathan Bedford Forrest and the Ambiguity of Southern Identity"

Tyler Hinson, Reinhardt College: "Another Civil War: Jefferson Davis and Alexander Stephens"

Session 4: The Middle Ages (Lawson 120)

Presider: Jonathan Good, Reinhardt College

Kim Beaver, LaGrange College: "Thomas Becket and the Quest for Martyrdom"

Mandy Haskell, Berry College: "Anti-Semitism and the People's Crusade: Limitations and Alternatives"

Gabriel Fidler, University of Tennessee-Knoxville: "A Model of Clerical Reform: The Medieval Basilica of San Clemente and the Early Twelfth-Century Papacy."


12:00-1:30 Lunch (Gordy Dining Center)

Guest Speaker: Jay Hakes, Director, Jimmy Carter Library and Museum and author of A Declaration of Energy Independence (Wiley, 2008)


1:45 Sessions (Lawson and Tarpley Hall)


Session 5: War and Afterwards (Tarpley 213)

Presider: Theresa Ast, Reinhardt College

Ron Martz, North Georgia College and State University: "Deconstruction De-Ba'athification: How Ignoring Lessons Learned from the De-Nazification of Germany and the Governance of Japan after World War II Led to Chaos in Iraq"

Caitlin Vest, LaGrange College: "The Épuration: A Twentieth Century Reign of Terror"

Kelsey Fritz, Georgia State University: "International Connections: SDS's Failed Attempt to Overcome American Elitism"

Session 6: The Caribbean (Lawson 104)

Presider: Kevin Shirley, LaGrange College

Daniel Horowitz, Georgia State University: "Brown Faces and Black Flags: The Interaction of People of Color and Pirates"

Keila Davis, Clark Atlanta University: "The Bahamas Junkanoo Festival"

Session 7: Georgia History (Lawson 110)

Presider: Larry Marvin, Berry College

Lindsay Taylor, Reinhardt College: "Suffrage in Print: The Women's Suffrage Movement as seen through Atlanta Newspapers"

Jessica Klaus, Georgia State University: "The 1946 Moore's Ford Lynching"

J. Brice Odom, Mercer University: "Covering a President's Turning Point: A Study of the Newspaper Coverage in the Carter-Moore State Senate Election in Georgia in 1962"

Session 8: Early Modern Europe (Lawson 120)

Presider: Doug Sofer, Maryville College

Kyle Owenby, North Georgia College and State University: "Catholics and Protestants in the Armies of Charles V"

Katelyn Boykin, Berry College: "A Slice of Heaven and a Taste of Hell: The Influence of Royal Mistresses, 1500-1700"

Joseph White, LaGrange College: "Before and After Borodino: The Death Throes of Napoleon"


3:30 Sessions (Lawson Hall)


Session 9: Southern Cultural History (Tarpley 213)

Presider: Ken Wheeler, Reinhardt College

Amanda Whalen, Georgia State University: "Hog Killing and Connections Between History and Folklore"

John Matthew Perkins, Augusta State University: "Alchemy's Emergence from Darkness"

Session 10: Japan, China, and the United States (Lawson 104)

Presider: Joe Cafaro, LaGrange College

Robert Ward, Maryville College: "‘Oh No, Beta!' - The Curious History of Sony Corp. vs. Universal Studios, Inc."

Kirsten Rodning, Reinhardt College: "The Experience of Chinese and Japanese Immigrants to America in the Early Twentieth Century"

Carl Lilja, Reinhardt College: "Ninja: Myth and Reality"

Session 11: Gender in American History (Lawson 110)

Presider: Wendy Turner, Augusta State University

Jennifer Peaslee, Berry College: "The Salem Witchcraft Trials"

Chelsea Gibson, North Georgia College and State University: "The Great Depression, Communism and Traditional Gender Roles: How Fear Created the 1950s"

Melissa Swindell, Georgia State University: "The Image of Women in Post-World War II America: Lucille Ball versus Lucy Ricardo"

Session 12: France and America (Lawson 120)

Presider: Robert Good, Mercer University

Kelsey McKernie, Berry College: "Hero of Two Worlds: The American Shaping of the Marquis de Lafayette"

Megan Greer, Georgia State University: "Louis Comfort Tiffany: Art Nouveau in an American Context"

Ryan Nivens, Maryville College: "Charles de Gaulle, America, and the ‘Third Way'"


5:00 Prizegiving and Closing Remarks (Hill Freeman Library)

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