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Community Invited to Attend Reinhardt University’s Halloween Trick or Treat

Walter May and family
It’s a family affair for Dr. Walter May, director of student activities and assistant dean of students, as he and his wife, Eloise, take their daughter, Ella, trick-or-treating at Reinhardt’s annual Halloween Trick or Treat event. This year more than 700 people are expected to attend the event and tour the University’s themed residence halls for candy and trinkets on Saturday, October 23 from 5-7 p.m.

Reinhardt University residence halls are again welcoming the community for Halloween Trick or Treat. Children and their families can enjoy touring specially decorated halls and collecting lots of yummy candy and trinkets on Saturday, October 23, 2010 from 5-7 p.m., starting in the Gordy Residence Hall.

Shalyn “Shay” Hernandez, residence life coordinator and staff director for this event, invites everyone “for an evening of fun and magic for both the children and the Reinhardt students. The Community Trick or Treat unites Reinhardt students with a common purpose and gives them an opportunity to give back to the community. We had more than 700 people attend this event last year.”  She is hoping for a big turnout this year too.

“While I live relatively far away, I really get a since of home living at Reinhardt,” said Caroline Pereira, a junior management major from Kennesaw, Ga. “The community trick or treat event encourages that sense of family and home and has always been one of my favorite things to participate in!”

For more information, please contact Hernandez at 770-720-9202 or

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