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Media Response 

  • Providing timely, honest and accurate information during an emergency is one of the University's highest priorities.  Every effort is made to give members of the media accurate information as quickly as possible.
  • In some cases, it may be necessary to inform members of the University community or family members of certain news before information can be made available to the media or the general public.
  • During an emergency, information is communicated by the Office of Marketing and Communications or other appropriate University officials to the media through e-mail, briefings, news conferences or by telephone. When appropriate, a University administrator may be made available for interviews.
  • The University has an emergency response plan.  For a major emergency, an incident command post is established and a public information officer is designated. If the incident is large or ongoing, an Emergency Operations Center may also be established.
  • As in all emergencies, please do not cross police safety tape, block traffic lanes, or otherwise interfere with first responders.
  • To gather information during an emergency,
    • first check – the University website. 
    • Then contact the Office of Marketing and Communications at the numbers listed below.