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Augustus Michael Reinhardt (1842 - 1923)

Augustus Michael Reinhardt Augustus Michael (A.M.) Reinhardt was born in Waleska, Ga., on June 22, 1842, the sixth of Lewis Warlick and Jane Harbin Reinhardt's eight children. The family moved to Cherokee County from North Carolina in approximately 1833. A.M.'s father owned and operated a corn mill on Shoal Creek near Waleska and farmed the land that borders the creek.

As a young man A.M. studied law and was admitted to the Canton Bar at age 18, just before the Civil War began. He enlisted as a private in the Confederate Army in April 1861, and he was elected lieutenant and then promoted to captain in 1862. After being wounded in Mississippi in 1864, A.M. resigned his commission and returned home.

In Atlanta, A.M. sought to establish his own law practice and real estate business. He was active in politics, and served as an alderman and mayor protem during Mayor William A. Hemphill's time in office.