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A message from President Kina Mallard

Dr. Kina S. Mallard, Reinhardt University President

It is my honor as Reinhardt's new President to introduce you to Reinhardt University. I have spent the last months speaking with students, faculty, alumni and community leaders learning about this great institution. As you explore your university options, I would like to share with you just some of my discoveries.

Reinhardt University provides a living-learning environment where both mind and spirit soar.

The Reinhardt Education will challenge you to think and respond critically and creatively, to write and speak clearly and persuasively, to reason quantitatively, to engage in collaborative problem-solving and to view the world with compassion and hope. As a graduate you will be equipped to make your way in a world of innovation and change, liberated from boundaries rather than defined by them. Caring and engaging faculty committed to your success will walk alongside you mentoring you in your chosen field of study.

Reinhardt University will help you move seamlessly from enrollment to employment.

The Reinhardt Education is more than the mastery of a list of courses in a catalog; it symbolizes a purposeful, comprehensive, holistic education that will prepare you not only to make a living, but to make a meaningful life. Reinhardt is known for providing student leadership opportunities from day one and you can prepare for the work world through internships and student research opportunities.

Reinhardt University will help you find your purpose and place in the world.

The Reinhardt Education provides curriculum and conversations to help you explore and express your faith. You may consider questions of calling: Questions such as “Who am I?” “Where do I fit in this complex, challenging, and rapidly changing world?” “How do I find and fulfill the central purpose of my life?”  As a graduate, you will be ready to achieve your full potential, not so you can be the best in the world, but so you can be the best for the world.

At Reinhardt you will have life changing experiences within a supportive and caring campus community.

Our beautiful campus creates a home where you can find your place – as a developing scholar, a competitive athlete, an accomplished performer or an inspiring leader.

Dr. Mark Roberts, vice president for academic affairs, refers to The Reinhardt Education as "an experience in authentic education.” Reinhardt alumni are set apart from the crowd of college graduates and are equipped for professional success, personal enrichment and public leadership.

Please peruse our website to learn more about Reinhardt University. We hope to welcome you to campus soon!

Dr. Kina S. Mallard

Dr. Kina S. Mallard
Reinhardt President