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Majoring in Communication and Media Studies

Major Requirements:
View the Communication and Media Studies major list of degree requirements (PDF)

Minor Requirements:

  • COM 202 - Introduction to Mass Communication & Media
  • Three 200 or 300 level COM courses
  • One 400 level COM course

Perhaps writing is your strong suit, or maybe it’s always been visual design or image-making. Are you a “people person” who envisions a career in the public sphere? Maybe your passion has always been telling stories either through video, photography--or in writing?

As a Reinhardt Communication Arts major, all of these dreams are possible.

Your courses help you understand how media, culture and society are connected in our rapidly globalizing economy and social world, and they prepare you for a wide range of careers in communication and media as well as for graduate study.

What You'll Study:

  • Interpersonal and intercultural communication

  • Journalism and writing for advertising and public relations

  • Digital design in print and electronic media

  • History, styles and genres of various forms of mass media

  • Media law and ethics needed for careers in media management and organizational communication

Skills You'll Acquire:

  • Organizational and business communication skills

  • Strong interpersonal and intercultural awareness

  • Direct experience with technology and visual design

  • An understanding of the global marketplace

  • Highly valued real-world experience through internships and/or special projects

  • A broad skill base that will allow you to work on varied communication projects

Jacklyn Dowda

"I chose a communication arts concentration for its versatility after graduation. I am still not quite settled on what I want to do, and communication arts allows for movement in my career choices."
Jacklyn Dowda '09