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Digital Media Arts BFA Program

The Digital Media Arts degree program, the result of collaboration between the faculties in Art and in Communication and Media Studies, provides a Bachelor of Fine Arts for students who desire a career using art and design skills in either creative or managerial roles within the cutting-edge digital media environment. Digital Media encompasses career fields such as advertising, public relations, web design, digital gaming, digital filmmaking and social media development.

The Digital Media Arts program positions its graduates with extensive art and design skills as well as the knowledge of the history, theories and business principles of these industries and competencies in a broad range of communication skills.

This degree program prepares graduates to be competitive candidates in fast-growing career areas and ensures that they possess the comprehensive range of creative and critical thinking skills necessary to continuously adapt to the ever-changing digital media environment.  Graduates with a BFA in Digital Media Arts will be equipped with:


Success in achieving the objectives in the Digital Media Arts major are measured in the following ways, all of which are required for graduation:

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