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Majoring in Communication and Media Studies with a Concentration in Strategic Communication

The Strategic Communication concentration prepares graduates for careers in which they conceptualize, research and execute strategic media campaigns for corporate or nonprofit clients in the global media landscape. This concentration prepares graduates for the professional challenges of building credibility for organizations, creating persuasive campaigns and promoting trust between businesses, organizations and their external publics. Graduates gain critical theoretical and historical knowledge as well as hands-on media writing, planning, design and presentation skills. This curriculum, culminating in a professional internship, portfolio and transmedia storytelling project, enables students to pursue a public relations, social media marketing, media writing or advertising career or graduate study.

Communication & Media Studies Core: Major Required Courses (24 credit hours)

COM 202 Media & Culture 

COM 250 Intro to Digital Storytelling

COM 305 Organizational & Professional Communication                           

COM 360 Intercultural Communication          

COM 230 Research Methods              

COM 370 Media Law & Ethics          

COM 403 Theories of Media & Culture            

COM 490 Transmedia Storytelling

 Major Electives for Strategic Communication Concentration (31 credit hours)

 A. Media Storywriting  (9 credit hours)                     

COM 206 Feature Writing           

COM 340 Strategic Writing         

Plus choose one (3 credit hours):                

• COM 207 Screenwriting    

• COM 104/204/304 Multimedia Workshop (need at least 3 credit hours total)      

B. Strategic Communication (9 credit hours)           

COM 306 Integrated Multimedia Storytelling         

COM 311 Public Relations                          

COM 312 Advertising Principles       

C. Visual Storytelling (10 credit hours)                     

COM 350 Film & TV Studies (4 credit hours)          

Plus choose two (2):                      

• COM 308 Digital Art I       

• COM 210 Documentary Photography           

• COM 251 Cinematography             

• COM 325 Web & Interactive Media Design 

D. Practicum/Capstone (3 credit hours)               

COM 407 Internship

Major Curriculum: 55 credit hours

General Education Curriculum: 48-50 credit hours

General Electives: 15-17 credit hours (may be applied to a minor)

Total Credit Hours Required in Degree: 120

All candidates for the Bachelor of Arts degree in the School of Arts and Humanities must present at least 42 credit hours at the 300 or 400 level for graduation. These courses may be taken to satisfy major, minor, general education, and/or elective requirements.

Brooke Conger
Brooke Conger studied abroad as part of her Global Communication (formerly Media, Culture and Society) major, studying intercultural communication and sociology in Eastern Europe and Paris. "I have really enjoyed the Media, Culture and Society major. The tools I have gained helped me to research other cultures."
Sneed Collins
Need Collins (top right) and his classmates on the train from Prague to Budapest during their Global Communication study abroad program.
Reinhardt's Communication and Sociology departments regularly collaborate to provide summer study abroad programs. This trip led them to Berlin, Munich, Dresden and Nuremberg, Germany as well as Prague in the Czech Republic.