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Studio shoot

Majoring in Digital Film and Video

Are you a budding filmmaker or television producer? Have you always wanted to be either in front of or behind the cameras—or in the control room or editing lab, creating compelling television entertainment or news programs? Perhaps your dream has been to create political documentaries to persuade and audience about those issues in which you believe. Either way, this major is for you.

Most Digital Film and Video majors are creative, technologically savvy, and want to be on the cutting edge of the film, broadcasting, or advertising industry.

Firmly grounded in the liberal arts, with many courses in fine arts, theory, history, and criticism, you will gain hands-on experience with digital video technology, camera work, editing, graphics, producing, and directing. 

As a result of your coursework and your internship, your senior portfolio will contain commercial-use video and promotional materials suitable for getting a successful start in this competitive industry.

What You Will Learn:

  • Express your ideas through writing, electronically produced visuals, and sound.
  • Gain hands-on experience with digital video technology, camera work, editing, graphics, producing, and directing.

 Skills You Acquire:

  • Strong interpersonal, intercultural, writing, and technological skills
  • Hands-on producing and directing skills that utilize the latest digital technology
  • Competition at the national and international level (Reinhardt communication students have won nine International Telly Awards and two National Videographer Awards in recent years)
  • Valuable critical thinking and problem solving skills to adapt to a changing professional environment
Jason Bunch
Jason Bunch ('09) doing camera work in the McCamish Broadcasting Studio
Matt and Ace
Matt Wilson ('09) and Ace McNeill ('09) working on a project in the Edit Lab of the McCamish Broadcasting Center.

Adia Williams

Adia Williams ('08) creating electronic music in the FPAC music lab. Adia combined her passions for communication and music while at Reinhardt, and her senior internship took her to the National Academy for the Recording Arts and Sciences, the host institution for the GRAMMY awards.


Bachelor of Arts in Communication (B.A.)  

Digital Film and Video (Major)


The Digital Film and Video degree program provides students with the knowledge and skills needed to pursue artistic or creative commercial interests in digital motion media for the convergent global media environment. Firmly grounded in the liberal arts, this major provides a foundation in media history, theory and criticism and also develops integrated skills in writing, design, technological and oral communication. Through courses in digital video production, web design, editing, and directing, culminating in a professional internship and portfolio, students are well prepared to enter a media production career or to pursue graduate study.  Main Campus only.


General Education Curriculum (48 hours)

Major Required Courses (54 credit hours)

COM 100 Communication Colloquium (each semester)

COM 202 Introduction to Mass Communication and Mass Media

COM 207 Screenwriting Development & Protocols for Motion Media

COM 220 Audio Design

COM 250 Fundamentals of Electronic Media Production I

COM 251 Fundamentals of Electronic Media Production II

COM 307 Broadcast Journalism

COM 310 Editing and Post-Production in Motion Media

COM 315 Producing and Directing for Motion Media

COM 325 Web and Interactive Media Design I

COM 340 Professional Writing & Communication

COM 350 Intro to Film and Television Studies

COM 360 Intercultural Communication

COM 370 Media Law and Ethics

COM 403 Theories of Media and Visual Culture

COM 407 Communication Internship

COM 490 Capstone Senior Seminar


General Electives: 18 hours

Total Semester Credits Required in Degree: 120 hours




For more information

School of Arts and Humanities
Communication: Dr. Pam Wilson
Communication Program Coordinator
770-720-5578 - fax 770-720-9164