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Majoring in Communication and Media Studies with a Concentration in Media Writing

View the Media Writing list of degree requirements (PDF)

The Media Writing concentration will prepare you for a writing career in the 21st-century integrated multimedia environment. You may:

  • write and design web pages for a nonprofit organization
  • create newsletters and corporate publications
  • write scripts for radio or television shows 
  • write feature stories for a magazine 
  • write breaking news stories for a newspaper or online news organization

What You Will Learn:

  • professional writing skills in a variety of styles and to fulfill various professional niches, from journalism to corporate communication to blogging

  • how to analyze and evaluate communication styles and methods to effectively reach your target audience

  • how to research a story or assignment using all available resources (including interviewing and observation)

  • how to communicate effectively on the web, in print, and in the electronic media

Skills You Acquire:

  • Highly-valued professional writing and design skills for public relations and advertising campaigns, the Internet, magazines, newspapers, technical publications, broadcasting, and the screen

  • Valuable skills in interpersonal and intercultural communication, knowledge of media theory, and skills in qualitative research methods

  • Strong listening and observational skills as well as experience in collaborative writing

  • Real-world experience needed to compete successfully in the marketplace

Hiltonian staffErin Turner, Misti Dawn and Kaleigh as the editorial team for The Hiltonian, the campus newspaper.