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Suggested Timeline for Communication and Media Studies Majors


  • Take introductory communication skills core courses (COM 108, ENG 101 and either COM 103, ENG 101 or ENG 102)
  • Get to know your Communication faculty members!
  • Familiarize yourself  with the  Communication Department's facilities
  • Get involved with RUTV (Reinhardt University TeleVision) by signing up for COM 200, a one-credit course that provides you with opportunities for hands-on learning about broadcasting 
  • Get involved with the COMment COM club, the campus newspaper and other campus organizations that hone your communication skills
  • In the summer: study abroad as the opportunity arises


  • Begin taking 200-level Communication courses (COM 202, COM 201, and COM 250 if you're interested in electronic media production) and keep taking core courses
  • Spring semester:  meet with your advisor to review your readiness for upper-level Communication courses 
  • In the summer: study abroad as the opportunity arises


  • Take 300-level Communication courses required for your major degree program as well as any electives you desire; complete your core courses and take general electives
  • Register for an Internship for your Junior or Senior year.
  • Spring semester: begin to make arrangements for your internship to be completed in summer and/or fall
  • Spring semester: begin to compile your Senior Portfolio (see faculty for guidelines)
  • In the summer: study abroad as the opportunity arises


  • Apply for a graduation by the deadline early in the academic year
  • Take 300- and 400-level Communication courses required in your major concentration.
  • Fall semester: Complete your internship
  • Spring semester: work with your advisor to prepare and submit your electronic Senior Portfolio
  • Spring semester: meet with Communication faculty for a portfolio review and exit interview.