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    Geoffrey Chaucer
   Jane Austen

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  Emily Dickinson
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 T. S. Eliot

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English Studies
Literature Concentration

Bachelor of Arts in English (B.A.)

General Education Curriculum 
(55 credit hours)

English majors are strongly advised to take ENG 102 as part of their general education curriculum. Also, English majors who choose to satisfy their language requirement through course work but who lack the foundation to take language at the intermediate (200) level or pass an intermediate-level translation test should choose a year of foreign language as part of their general education curriculum.
Common English Core 
(9 or 15 credit hours)

 Select one major-author course:
ENG 301.Chaucer
     ENG 303.Shakespeare
     ENG 304.Milton and the Seventeenth Century
     ENG 310.Jane Austen
     ENG 325.William Faulkner
     ENG 328.Tennessee Williams

Select one single-genre course:
 ENG 312.British Novel
     ENG 321.American Poetry
     ENG 324.Modern American Novel
     ENG 360.Dramatic Literature
     ENG 377.Studies in Poetry

 Select one of the following:
 ENG 341.Literary Genres and Critical Approaches
     ENG 342.Advanced Grammar
     ENG 343.Introduction to Language and Linguistics
     ENG 345.History of the English Language

Foreign Language
All English majors must attain intermediate-level proficiency in a foreign language. Students may demonstrate proficiency by passing two 200-level foreign-language courses with a grade of C or better in each OR by passing an intermediate-level translation test in the language of their choice.
Literature Concentration 
(24 credit hours)
ENG 240.Introduction to Critical Analysis (to be completed before students attempt any 300- or 400-level literature course)
Select two (choices must be different from any ENG 200-level course or courses taken to fulfill a general education requirement):
 ENG 203.British Literature I
     ENG 204.British Literature II
     ENG 223.American Literature I
     ENG 224.American Literature II
     ENG 271.World Literature I  
     ENG 272.World Literature II
     ENG 298.Special Topics in English
     ENG 299.Independent Study in English
Two 300- or 400-level English courses before 1800 and one 300- or 400-level English course after 1800 OR one 300- or 400-level English before 1800 and two 300- or 400-level English courses after 1800            

One 300- or 400-level foreign-language course OR one 300- or 400-level multicultural English literature course
Select one:
  ENG 407.Internship
    ENG 450.Senior Thesis
Interdisciplinary Applications (IDS):
Select two  (6 credit hours)  

Dr. Joy A. Farmer
English Program Coordinator
7300 Reinhardt Circle
Waleska, Georgia 30183