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English Secondary Education

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The English Secondary Education program is designed to prepare you for taking the GACE licensing test and to help you make the transition from student to teacher.  The program combines thirty-six hours of English subject-area courses with an additional thirty-nine hours of professional and field courses to provide you the background in content and management skills necessary to become a successful teacher. Included within your instruction are several hours of observation as well as a semester of full- time supervised candidate teaching experience within an area public school system.

The University Core Curriculum

Students must complete English 101 and 102 with a grade of C (2.0) or better before taking any other English.

Communication (12 credit hours) 
ENG 101 Composition
ENG 102 Composition and Literature
COM 108 Fundamentals of Speech
Arts Experience Course

Critical Thinking & Inquiry (13 cr. hrs.) 
FYS 101 First Year Seminar
MAT 102 College Algebra 
Any Lab Science Course
PHI 105 Philosophy or SOC 105 Sociolog

Knowledge of Self, Society, Culture (18 cr. hrs.) 
Western Culture -- 6 cr. hrs.
ENG 271 or ENG 272 World Lit I or II  
HIS 111 or HIS 112 Western Civilization I or II

Local and Social Identities -- 6 cr. hrs.
HIS 251 or HIS 252 US History I or II  
PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology

Global Studies -- 6 cr. hrs.
REL 104 Introduction to Religion
SPA 101 Elementary Spanish I

Values and Ethics  (5 or 7 cr. hrs.)
PED 100 Fitness for College and Life (2 cr. hrs.) or
PED 200 Lifetime Fitness and Wellness (for students age 21 and older) (4 cr. hrs)
PHI 364/EDU 364 Values, Character, & Leadership Development

English Secondary Education Major

Major Field Courses (6 hrs.)                                        
      EDU 225           Lifespan Development from a Multicultural Perspective                            
      EDU 230           Basic Elements of Differentiated Instruction

Teaching Field Courses (36 cr. hrs.)
 ENG 240            Introduction to Critical Analysis (3 cr. hrs)

      Select two survey courses (6 cr. hrs.)                                  
      ENG 203 or 204  British Literature I or II
      ENG 223 or 224  American Literature I or II
                              (one of the surveys must cover material before 1800--either ENG 203 or 223)

      ENG 303            Shakespeare (3 cr. hrs.)

      Select one grammar course (3 cr. hrs.)     
      ENG 340            Teaching Grammar in the Context of Writing
      ENG 342            Advanced Grammar

      Select one linguistics course (3 cr. hrs)     
      ENG 343            Introduction to Language and Linguistics
      ENG 345            History of the English Language

      Select any 300/400-level course in lierature before 1800 (3 cr. hrs)
      ENG 300            Medieval English Literature
      ENG 308            Restoration and eighteenth-century literature
      ENG 372            Renaissance Literature

      Select any 300/400-level course in literature after 1800 (3 cr. hrs.)
      ENG 306            The Romantic Age
      ENG 307            The Victorian Age
      ENG 323            Romanticism, Realism, and Naturalism in American Literature
      ENG 326            Southern Literature
      ENG 376            Modernism

      Select any 300/400-level course literary analysis (3 cr. hrs.)
      ENG 341            Literary Genres and Critical Approaches
      Select one genre course (3 cr. hrs)
      ENG 312            The British Novel
      ENG 321            American Poetry
      ENG 324            Modern American Novel
      ENG 360            Dramatic Literature
      ENG 377            Studies in Poetry

      Select one 300/400-level multi-cultural literature course (3 cr. hrs.)
      ENG 335M          Multi-cultural American Literature
      ENG 336M          African-American Literature
      ENG 371M          Global Literature in Translation

      Select one creative writing course (3 cr. hrs.)
      ENG 280            Introduction to Creative Writing
      ENG 383            Literary Editing and Publishing
      ENG 386            Poetry Writing
      ENG 387            Creative Nonfiction
      ENG 388            Script Writing
      ENG 389            Fiction Writing

Select one elective course from any area or other disciplinen (3 cr. hrs.)

Professional Sequence Courses (33 cr. hrs.)
EDU  327           Differentiated Instruction & Assessment
      EDU  329           Teaching in the Inclusive Classroom
      EDU  350           Strategic Reading in the Secondary Classroom
      EDU  384           Differentiation through Technology
      EDU  440           DATA: Spirituality and the Nurturing Classroom
      EDU  399           DATA:  Reading & Writing in Content Areas
      EDU  470           DATA:  English Language Arts
      EDU  494           Secondary English Candidate Teaching

 Total Semester Credits Required in Degree--126

For more information contact:  
Dr. Catherine Emanuel
Director of the Center for Student Success
English Secondary Education Program Coordinator
7300 Reinhardt Circle
Waleska, Georgia 30183