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School of Arts & Humanities Faculty 


L. Michelle Harlow
Associate Professor of English
Coordinator of English Secondary Education

Academic Degrees

B.A., University of Oklahoma
M.Ed., Central State University

Teaching and Scholarly Interests:

Classical literature; drama; theatre
English Secondary Education

Faculty Awards:
Vulcan Teaching Award (2006)
Jane England Teaching Award (2008)

Contact Information:

Career Biography:
Ms. Harlow completed a master's thesis about differentiated learning styles in college education.  In her 16 years at Reinhardt University, she has performed in and directed plays for the Cherokee Little Theatre Players.  She has written a screenplay from a contemporary novel, and she teaches script writing for stage and film.  In addition, she is interested in international travel, most recently as part of a Fulbright-Hayes funded study trip to China and Tibet in the summer 2005.  Ms. Harlow, who has served as faculty advisor for S.T.A.R. (student drama club) as well as Director of Reinhardt 100 (first-year experience), received the Vulcan Award for Teaching Excellence in 2006 and the Jane England Teaching Award (2008).