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School of Arts & Humanities Faculty 

G. JohnsonGraham P. Johnson
Associate Professor of English
Faculty Sponsor, Sigma Tau Delta, English Honor Societiy
Director of the Reinhardt University Honors Program

Academic Degrees
B.A. English Honors, University of British Columbia
M.A. Medieval Studies, University of Toronto
Ph.D. Saint Louis University

Teaching and Scholarly Interests:
Old and Middle English language and literature
Old Norse language and literature
Historical Linguistics
Medievalism (particularly the work by the Inklings)
Paremiology (study of proverbs)

Contact Information:

Career Biography:

A dual Canadian/American who grew up in Vancouver, BC, Dr. Johnson completed a dissertation entitled Ancestral Wisdom: Old and Middle English Proverb Collections.  It is a study of the four major proverb collections from medieval England.  Interest in becoming a medievalist began in a 200-level British Literature survey as a sophomore, centering upon puzzlement over the meaning of what exactly Hrothgar is telling Beowulf in "Hrothgar's Sermon."  From this point, it was but a step to begin studying Old English as a language.  Interest in proverbs, maxims, and other assorted "wisdom-bites" followed, especially concerning their use in Old English and Old Norse literature.  Dr. Johnson joined the Reinhardt University English faculty in fall 2007. He teaches linguistics, Viking literature, Arthurian literature, Chaucer, and Tolkien.

In 2013-2014, he received the United Methodist Exemplary Teaching Award.