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School of Arts & Humanities Faculty 


Kenneth H. Wheeler
Professor of History

President, Georgia Association of Historians (2014-2015)

Contact Information: 

Office: Tarpley 115
7300 Reinhardt Circle
Waleska GA 30183

picture of Dr. Wheeler

Academic Degrees:
A.B.   Earlham College
M.A., Ph.D.  Ohio State University

Teaching Interests:  Dr. Wheeler teaches a variety of courses in American history, including:

HIS 251, American History to 1865

HIS 252, American History since 1865

HIS 350, Colonial and Revolutionary America

HIS 354, Civil War & Reconstruction

HIS 356, America from 1900 to 1945

HIS 358, America since 1945

HIS 374, History of Georgia

HIS 380, Religion in America

HIS 377, American Feminism

IDS 309, Teaching and Learning: Education in America

IDS 317, Town and Gown: Local History and Culture


Scholarly Interests and Publications:  Dr. Wheeler studies regional identity, the history of education, and social and industrial development in the Lower South, especially the Etowah Valley.  Publications include:


Essays and Articles:

Public Lecture:

Community Service & Engagement: 

Dr. Wheeler serves on the boards of the Cherokee County Historical Society and Reinhardt University's Funk Heritage Center.