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School of Arts & Humanities Faculty


Communication Faculty

Thomas J. Anderson, M.S. General Education Communication (Online)
Shalanda Dixon, M.A. General Education Communication
Marcia Hair, M.A. General Education Communication, Conflict Resolution
Stephanie Marchant, M.S. General Education Communication
Josh Marsh, Ph.D. Screenwriting, Digital Storytelling, Advanced Multimedia, Web and Media Design
Efe Sevin, Ph.D. Public Relations, Advertising, Strategic Writing, Research Methods
Julia Silka, M.S. General Education Communication
Pam Wilson, Ph.D. Cultural Studies of Media, Intercultural Communication, Media History, Film and Television Studies, Writing

English Faculty

Kathleen Alden, M.S. General Education Composition (Online)
Molly Armstrong-Paschal, M.A. General Education Composition
Stephanie M. Autry, M.F.A. General Education Composition
Kerry Burke, M.F.A. General Education Composition
Alfred Carson, M.A. General Education Composition and Literature
William Carter, M.F.A. General Education Composition
Donna L. Coffey Little, Ph.D. Romanticism; Modernism; Holocaust Studies; Women's Literature; Environmental Approaches to Literature; Creative Writing
Catherine Emanuel, Ph.D. Restoration and Eighteenth Century Literature; Composition, Rhetoric, and Research
Joy A. Farmer, Ph.D. American Literature; Literature and Film
Gregory Flail, Ph.D.
General Education Composition
A. Wayne Glowka, Ph.D. Dean of Arts and Humanities, Medieval Literature; Linguistics
L. Michelle Harlow, M.F.A. Dramatic Literature; Scriptwriting; Theater
Judith Irvine, Ph.D. Renaissance Literature; Advanced Grammar; Composition, Rhetoric, and Research
Graham Johnson, Ph.D. Old and Middle English language and literature; Old Norse language and literature; Historical Linguistics
Maria Klouda, M.F.A.
General Education Composition
Callie Messerschmidt, M.A.P.W. General Education Composition
Margaret M. Morlier, Ph.D. Milton; Victorian Poetry; 19th c. British Fiction; the Bible as Literature
Maria Schofer, M.A. General Education Composition
Sarah Shope, Ph.D. General Education Composition and Literature (Online)
William Walsh, Ph.D. (ABD)

Director of the Creative Writing Program; Contemporary American Poetry; Southern Literature; Irish Cultural Studies

Marcia Wright, Ed.D.

General Education Composition

Fine Arts Faculty

Ashley S. Calicchia, M.F.A.

Two-Dimensional Design; Art Appreciation; Art History; Survey of Modern Art

Jym Davis, M.F.A.

Drawing; Digital Art
T. Brett Mullinix, M.F.A. Drawing; Sculpture; Ceramics

History Faculty


Clay Anderson, Ph.D.

American History Since 1865

Theresa L. Ast, Ph.D.

Modern Europe; Modern Africa; WWII/Holocaust Studies; History of Science
Anne M. Good, Ph.D. Early Modern Germany; South Africa
Jonathan Good, Ph.D. Medieval England and France; Religion; Chivalry; National Identity
Timothy Furnish, Ph.D. Islam; Mahdism
Theodore Rogers, M.A. General Education History
Kenneth H. Wheeler, Ph.D. U.S. History; Regional and Local History; Civil War; Violence Studies

Library Faculty

Joel C. Langford, M.Ln.

Director of Library Services

Philosophy Faculty

Blakely Phillips, Ph.D.
General Education Philosophy

Religion Faculty

The Rev. Robert P. Durham, D.M. General Education Religion (Online)
The Rev. Curtis G. Lindquist, Ph.D. Christian Theology and History; World Religions
The Rev Aquiles E. Martinez, Ph.D. Ancient Israel; Early Christianity; Hermeneutics

World Languages and Cultures Faculty

Larry Hoover, M.A. Spanish
Elaine McAllister, Ph.D. French
Yazmin Morrone, M.A. Spanish
Jennifer Summey, Ph.D. Spanish
Yan Zhou, M.A. Mandarin