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Courses and Programs

Course Schedule
Fall 2012

HIS 302   Ancient Civilizations (Dr. Jonathan Good)

IDS 310   Theology of Migrations (Dr. Aquiles Martinez)
IDS 311   Conflict in the 20th Century (Dr. Theresa Ast)
HIS 338   History of Science (Dr. Theresa Ast)
HIS 374   History of Georgia (Dr. Kenneth Wheeler)
HIS 392   Children and Childhood (Dr. Anne Good)
HIS 498   American Feminism (Dr. Kenneth Wheeler)
HIS 498   Modern Britain (Dr. Patrick Zander)

Spring 2013

HIS 305  Medieval Europe (Dr. Jonathan Good)
HIS 328  History of Germany (Dr. Theresa Ast)
HIS 347  Colonial Latin America (Dr. Anne Good)
HIS 354  Civil War and Reconstruction (Dr. Kenneth Wheeler)
HIS 372  History of the American South (Mr. Phillip Unger)

Dr. Jonathan Good
History Program Coordinator
7300 Reinhardt Circle
Waleska, Georgia 30183