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Ashley Peterson religion major
"Reinhardt has been a great place for me to grow, flourish and become my own person. I've been able to worship in many different forms, meet different people, and serve the local community. I have had so many opportunities that I never would have had at another institution."
Ashley Peterson '11
Religion major

Course of Study School

The Course of Study School (COSS) is an academic and ministerial program designed to educate and train pastors to serve in The United Methodist Church, as part of their requirements for ordination. 

The program is accredited by the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry of The United Methodist Church, Division of Ordained Ministry. 

Qualified students may earn up to 24 semester hours toward the Bachelor of Arts in Religion.


The Bachelor of Arts in Religion (B.A.) provides opportunities to study the meaning, purpose, and destiny of human life in relationship with diverse notions of "the sacred." As such it equips students to understand the mental disposition, beliefs, values, experiences, and histories of communities of faith as expressed in their dependence and fellowship with God, varied worship activities, sacred literature, and service to society.

Committed to the Christian tradition and The United Methodist Church, the Religion Program offers three concentrations to prepare students for a religious career. In the Religious Studies concentration, students concentrate primarily on Biblical and Christian theological themes along with an in-depth study of one other major world religion. In the Christian Vocation - Music concentration, students concentrate on the integration of theological studies and music to serve churches in their worship ministry more effectively. In the Christian Vocation - Religious Education concentration, students concentrate on the integration of theological studies and education to serve churches in their teaching ministry more effectively.

The Rev. Dr. Aquiles E. Martinez
7300 Reinhardt Circle
Waleska, Georgia 30183

Rev. Martinez and student

Rev. Dr. Aquilez Martinez and a student
    at the Gordy Center Cafeteria.