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Reinhardt University McCamish School of Business

BUS 150 (Basic Computer Applications)

Exemption Exam Information


Content Covered on the Exam:

Access 2016
Excel 2016
PowerPoint 2016
Word 2016

Testing Method:

Format of the Exam:


Scheduling the Exam:

Students should schedule the exemption exam at least 2 weeks prior to the end of the current academic semester.  The instructor will work with the student to find a time to administer the exam that works with both of their schedules.  The exam is administered at both the North Fulton and Waleska campuses. 

Students that have reached senior status must take the exemption exam well in advance of their last semester.  This will allow students time to take the class if they they did not pass the exemption exam.

ORL program students should take the exemption exam in their first semester.  We often find that students will think they can pass the exemption exam, but they aren’t quite as knowledgeable with the vast amount of functionality as is covered in the course.

Credit Hours:

Students who pass the exemption exam will receive 3 credit hours on their transcript for BUS 150.  However, these credit hours do not reflect anything on their GPA (regardless of their score on the exam). 

Preparing for the Exam: 

Students often ask if they can have a practice test or book for the exam.  We are assuming if they want to take the exam that they have a strong working knowledge of the concepts covered.  It’s hardly fair to ask students to work through a 16 week course and pay full tuition and provide study guides for the exemption exam. 

Before students begin the exam, they will be allowed to take a 15 question sample test, so they can become familiar with how the software works and can ask generalized questions about how to use the software.  However, specific questions about how to do something on the exam can’t be answered by the instructor. 

Students can check out a desk copy of the text book (if it’s available) from the instructor for the course and review the materials prior to the exam, if they want.  However, the instructor can’t offer extensive tutoring sessions to cover the materials prior to the exam (again in an effort to be fair to all students). 

Current book used in BUS 150:  Discovering Computers & Microsoft Office (Shelly Cashman)

Alternates ways to take the course:  

BUS 150 is offered on-line once a year (not guaranteed). 

BUS 150 is offered each semester at the Waleska campus and is usually offered 5 days a week.

Cindy Moss
7300 Reinhardt Circle
Waleska, Ga. 30183