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General Business

Degree Overview 

If so, Reinhardt's general business concentration will get you started in the right direction.

Broad base that can be targeted to meet your career goals

Reinhardt's general business concentration is a broad degree program designed for students aspiring for a career in business.  Its selling point is in its flexibility: after completing the business core, which includes courses in accounting, economics, management, marketing and finance, you select another five business courses that will best prepare you for your intended career.  You also select several general electives that can address your interests.

Grounding in the liberal arts

With a grounding in liberal arts, you will gain experience in critical thinking, strategic planning, decision-making and creativity, all vitally important skills in today's highly competitive and rapidly changing world.

Real-world experience

You will use computer programs that you'll face in the work world. You'll get a chance to put your new skills to test during an internship or in business-related clubs or other campus activities. Our faculty bring expertise and practical experiences from their years in the corporate world.  And as a United Methodist-affiliated institution, your coursework will address ethics and morals.

After graduation, a concentration in General Business can prepare you for many of the occupations found below:

Management occupations

Business and financial operations occupations

For more information on occupational positions in specific fields, please visit the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics website.

Course Requirements

General Business: Business Core (36 credit hours)

100-200 Business Core (15 credit hours)

BUS 105 Basic Computer Applications

BUS 201 Principles of Accounting I - Financial

BUS 202 Principles of Accounting II - Managerial

BUS 205 Principles of Economics - Micro

BUS 206 Principles of Economics - Macro

300-400 Business Core (21 credit hours)

BUS 300 Business Communication

BUS 301 Principles of Management

BUS 302 Principles of Marketing

BUS 303 Principles of Finance

BUS 330 Statistics for Business Problem-Solving

BUS 460 Strategic Management

General Business: Concentration (21 credit hours)

*These courses must have a BUS prefix

Major Curriculum: 48-49 credit hours

General Education Curriculum: 48-50 credit hours

General Electives: 12 credit hours

Total Credit Hours Required in Degree: 120-122 credit hours