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Majors & Minors in the McCamish School of Business


The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 16% increase in job openings for accountants by the year 2016. The field is evolving and the demand is high for individuals with knowledge in accounting principles and their use in business processes. Now is the time to start building your capability in this exciting field. By pursuing a business degree with a concentration in accounting, you will learn the complex financial concepts, skills, and technology necessary to be a successful accountant.

An accounting minor is also available.

General Business

Looking for a degree that provides a solid foundation in business concepts? A concentration in general business may be what you need. General business classes introduce you to accounting, economics, finance, information systems, management, and marketing. With a foundation in these core areas of business, you will have the flexibility to branch off on your own or work with a large corporate entity. You can’t go wrong with this broad-based concentration.

A business minor is also available.


Whether domestic or international, private- or public - sector, organizations require leaders with solid management skills. In Reinhardt's management concentration, you will develop 21st century management skills necessary to help organizations move forward. A concentration in management allows you to develop skills in inter- and intra-personal relations, creativity and innovation, and problem solving and critical thinking. You will gain a heightened awareness of global activities and their relevance to your success and that of any organization with which you work.

A management minor is also available.


Reinhardt's marketing concentration teaches you to identify the right product to meet customers needs; offer the product at the right price; make it available at the right place; and promote it effectively. You will research the marketplace, define the customer, and learn to sell the product. You will learn how to determine prices and plan, implement, and evaluate marketing campaigns. In addition, you will develop professional selling skills and e-marketing campaigns to round out your marketing capabilities.

A marketing minor is also available.

Sport Studies

The Sport Studies program is a flexible, interdisciplinary degree designed for students interested in studying sport from a broad cultural perspective, or for students interested in pursuing career opportunities in sport-related fields.  Majors choose either a Sports Administration or a Sports Communication option.  The program includes an extensive capstone internship experience (12 Credits-600 hours), and an introductory practicum field experience (3 Credits-150 hours).