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McCamish School of Business
Dr. Hyatt has more than 10 years of business and teaching experience. She enjoys teaching business, management, leadership, and personal finance.
Practical Knowledge, Skill, and Information

Whether you want to work in marketing, computer science, education, or human resources, management skills are a requirement for success. Managers lead, guide, and direct teams and projects. They make decisions regarding resources and activities and they ensure those activities result in outcomes that drive the business toward success. They can distinguish between crisis management and performance management. Good managers recognize the big picture and can plan, lead, organize, and control resources and activities to achieve an organization’s strategic goal. A concentration in management provides the knowledge, skills, and information needed to meet these demands.


Theoretical content provides the basis for why mangers do what they do. Practical application allows students to learn how theory transfers to action. By combining theory and practice, Reinhardt’s management program ensures that you leave the program with useable knowledge—knowledge that will serve as the basis for life-long learning and organization success.

Global Reach

Our faculty members have worldwide experience. This global experience offers students the opportunity to think beyond borders. Managing the global workforce and a transnational organization can be daunting. But, through Reinhardt’s management concentration you will find that the fundamentals of good management are universal.

Opportunities to Apply What You Learn

Reinhardt’s management concentration will provide you will the knowledge, skills, and information necessary to become a successful manager in any field. You education capped off with an internship will position you for a successful career.

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After graduation, a concentration in Management can prepare you for many of the occupations found below:

 For more information on management positions in specific fields, please visit the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics website.