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Gain the McCamish Advantage by Studying Business at Reinhardt University

McCamish School of Business

"To me, the McCamish School of Business was the best Reinhardt had to offer. It taught me everything I needed to feel ready for the work world"

- Carlos Mejia, Class of 2010. 

Did you know that regardless of your area of interest, business principles serve as the catalyst for sustained success? For example:

  • The Cleveland Orchestra, one of the most sought after performing ensembles in the world, recognizes that stellar musical performance and the number of standing ovations leads to increased demand for tickets, which leads to more complex imaginative programs. This then leads to global notoriety, which leads to civic pride and ultimately increased endowment.

  • The Institute for Clergy Excellence (ICE) has taken on the challenge by its board to show the return on investment (ROI) in its self-directed learning programs for clergy. The charitable foundation supporting this project wants to see impact on congregations in terms of member retention, member growth, member satisfaction, member involvement, and revenue. By doing so, ICE can justify future spending on programs that support church growth and sustainability.

  • A select number of State of Texas K-12 principals are undergoing a leadership intervention that offers them the opportunity to development skills that will transfer to greater support for teachers and higher levels of outcomes associated with 21st Century Skills. The funding agency supporting this program is calling for a level of accountability that shows the business case for such programs. Key measures of success are behavior change, business impact, and ROI.

  • The New Jersey State Police are undergoing a transformation. Part of this transformation requires them to understand fundamental business research principles including how to measure the ROI for the New Jersey State Police Academy.

Each of these examples demonstrates the value of a degree in business. Whether you are interested in the arts, education, religion, or homeland security a business degree can give you skills and knowledge you need to make decisions about financial and non-financial resources, marketing strategies, and customers. Choose the program that is right for you.

If you are not interested in majoring in business, a minor in business will give you a good foundation for building a career in any field. By complementing your true passion with business fundamentals, you can position yourself for success in whatever career you choose.

Reinhardt’s business faculty have both academic and practical experience. This combination will give you a solid learning experience built on a theoretical foundation balanced with practical application. If you are looking to gain knowledge and skill in business, look no further. All roads lead to Reinhardt University’s McCamish School of Business.