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About McCamish School of Business
(Founded in 1992)



The George M. Lawson Building at Reinhardt University is the facility where the majority of business courses are offered.

The McCamish School of Business endeavors to provide a comprehensive business education to students in a variety of business programs, in accordance with the established objectives of Reinhardt University.

An appreciation of learning and of serving others is fostered in the McCamish School of Business, as students are prepared for  a diverse world in which they may join large multinational corporations, manage and/or own a small business, or pursue graduate education. Emphasis is placed upon professional preparation, within the context of the liberal arts tradition of preparing the whole person for a diversity of roles in life.

Our dedicated professors bring years of corporate experience to complement their knowledge and skills in theory and business history taught in their classrooms.
In our courses, students will learn computer skills and how to utilize modern technology in the workforce. As a business students, you will have opportunities to apply your talent and skill in an internship, and/or in  business-related clubs or other campus activities.