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Brittany Wimpey

Brittany WimpeyBrittany Wimpey transferred from Kennesaw State University to start her journey at Reinhardt University during her senior year in college.  While at Reinhardt, Brittany worked hard and accomplished the task of being on the Dean’s List.  Brittany recently graduated from Reinhardt University.  In the summer of 2013, she received her degree in Business Administration with a concentration in General Business.  Brittany currently resides in Ellijay, Georgia.

During her senior year at Reinhardt, Brittany acquired an internship with United Community Bank in north Georgia.  Brittany was given many tasks at the bank which involved handling cash, learning how to use different computer applications, and providing helpful service to customers.  Although her internship was only a month long, she learned a lot.  She learned that it is important to have an open mind in the work place, and to be receptive to new opportunities in order to gain more knowledge and experience.  Brittany says that her internship was very beneficial because it helped her figure out which career path to take, which industry she wanted to be in, and what she wants to accomplish within the next five years.  Brittany’s advice to anyone thinking about doing an internship is to just “do it.”  Because the real world work experience that your internship will give you is priceless.  She says that it is also important to “find an internship in something you may actually want to pursue one day.”

Along with her internship, college has also taught Brittany some important lessons. The top three things Brittany has learned from being in college are to take things seriously, study, and to get involved.  She sums up her experience at Reinhardt by saying, “Reinhardt was the best of my college years. Everyone was so welcoming, helpful, and nice. In my perspective, Reinhardt is the place to be.”  Brittany’s plan for the future is to find a job that will allow her to grow and gain knowledge.  And eventually, find a job that will turn into a life long career.