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Cherokee Focus

Cherokee Focus is a collaborative in Cherokee County that exists to improve the lives of its residents.  Cherokee Focus collaborates with local organizations, civic clubs, law enforcement, faith based communities, businesses, educators, families, and individuals to create and develop programs and initiatives designed to support and provide a better livelihood for families and children in Cherokee County. 

Reinhardt Enactus was recently involved in assisting with a Cherokee Focus collaborative event that focused on teen issues such as: drugs and alcohol, relationships, sex/abstinence, distracted/drunk driving, and social media.  Youth and teenagers from all over Cherokee County were invited to attend this interactive event.  Enactus members volunteered as role players in a staged drunk driving reenactment scenario to show the repercussions of driving under the influence of alcohol.  The young attendees were presented with staged scenarios such as this one so that they could see the benefits of making positive decisions and the consequences of making poor choices.  Thanks to Reinhardt Enactus members, law enforcement, local community agencies, health departments, and youth service providers the youth of Cherokee County were educated on how they can make positive choices in order to overcome life's obstacles.

Veiw the album below to see pictures of the scenario:


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