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Corporate Networking

On Friday, October 1, 2010 Reinhardt SIFE students were invited to attend a networking dinner at the headquarters of Coca Cola in Atlanta.  Students were able to step outside of the classroom and apply some of the networking, business etiquette and public speaking skills they have learned while in college.  Students gained knowledge and insight from Coca Cola executives.  Students were allowed to ask Coca Cola executives about their business models, career advice, and their recommendations for a college student’s future in business.  SIFE students could shine and learn at the same time. 

We also had 2 students (Alexander Levy & Alexandria Osinobowe) travel to Bentonville, AK in November 2010 to the headquarters of Wal-Mart for a similar type of event with Wal-Mart executives.  Students have multiple opportunities similar to these each year to learn and network with large corporations and other college students from around the country.

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Corporate Networking Corporate Networking
Corporate Networking Corporate Networking