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Leadership Conference

Since it's start in 2009, the Leadership Conference has provided Reinhardt students with valuable information and advice on how to identify and develop abilities and skills essential for effective advocacy, citizenship, and leadership.  Guest speakers talk to attendees on a wide range of topics including financial planning for college students, business ethics, interviewing and job networking skills, entrepreneurship, and social networking in business and education.  More than 150 Reinhardt students attend the on-campus event.  Each year, student members of Enactus help coordinate this conference.  Members utilize the project management skills they learn in the classroom to help coordinate and plan the event.  They also apply their marketing and sales experiences to work with gaining sponsorship for the event.  Enactus has partnered with well known companies such as Kohl’s and Credit Union of GA as major sponsors for the event.  The Leadership Conference is an excellent opportunity for Enactus members to learn how to work as part of a team.

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Leadership Conference Leadership Conference
Leadership Conference Leadership Conference
Leadership Conference Leadership Conference


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