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Stephen Daffer 

Stephen DafferStephen Daffer is currently a senior from Stone Mountain, Georgia.  Stephen will graduate in May 2014 with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting and Marketing.  Stephen has been an active student on campus, is a member of the McCamish School of Business’ collegiate chapter of Enactus, and has had the honor of being on the Dean’s List for the past two years.  Stephen says that college has taught him how to be responsible and to show up on time no matter if the occasion is big or small.  He also says that college has taught him to be prepared, whether it is a homework assignment or an internship.

Throughout the spring of 2013, Stephen completed a four month long internship at Cushing Memorial Park located near Lake Allatoona in Canton, Georgia.  Cushing Memorial Park, Inc. was funded and created by the founder of Delta Airlines and was initially a private park for Delta employees.  Through the years however, the park has opened its doors to the community by way of an annual membership.  During Stephen’s internship, he undertook the handling of many projects such as researching alternate ways of revenue, updating marketing pamphlets, made updates and revisions to the organizations constitution, and created an emergency protocol in the case of an emergency at the park.

In the spring semester of 2013, he recently had the honor of presenting at Reinhardt’s annual Convocation of Artists and Scholars event.  His presentation was on his internship at Cushing Memorial Park.  He provided valuable information about his internship and gave fellow classmates helpful tips on how to be successful in an internship.  Stephen says that his internship prepared him for what it will be like when he graduates college and enters into a career. He also values the real world work experience that his internship has provided.  His advice to anyone interested in taking an internship would be to remember to leave time for yourself and to take care of yourself. That way, you can give 100% of your best effort to whatever your task you are given.  After graduating from Reinhardt, Stephen plans on finding a career as an Accountant or Financial Consultant.