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Price School of Education

Assistant Professor of Middle Grades Education, Betty Miller

Betty Veal Miller

How I feel about teaching
"I cannot imagine enjoying any life's work more than I have enjoyed teaching. It is not only what I do, it is who I am. " 

What I think about education

"I believe that every child has the inalienable right to be educated in the regular classroom. It is up to us, as educators, to change our attitudes, not to try to change the child." 

What students have to say about Betty Miller

"Betty Miller's compassion for special need students comes forth during her instruction in the classroom.  She has made me aware of just how special and important these individuals are in society.  Upon reflecting, I realize the most important thing Mrs. Miller taught me as a future educator is not to judge or stereotype people based on their physical or mental limitations.  Teachers must get to know each child as an individual and teach them based on their own needs.  Ms. Miller is a true model both in and out of the classroom on how to treat all people in society."  --Cindy Rudin