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Price School of Education

Gene Norton

What students have to say about Gene Norton

"Mr. Norton is a great role model for future teachers. He cares about his students and makes his classroom a nurturing one."              --Deborah Cline

"He [Mr. Norton] knows how to make learning fun. He also never forgets his students. He always has a kind face and is eager to find out how you are." --Janna Moore

"Mr. Norton genuinely cares about each of his students and wants to make sure that we don't merely retain the information he is teaching us, but that we follow through and apply the concepts in our classroom. Mr. Norton has the ability to teach not only the required curriculum, but he also instills valuable life lessons in each one of his students. " --Leslie Holsomback

"He is a professor that I will never forget. He remembers every students name on the first night of class. I could not wait to get to his class and listen to his stories that illustrated a point that we were studying. He is truly caring for each and every one of his students."  --Amber Foster