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Price School of Education

Harriett LindseyHarriett A. Lindsey

My role in the Price School of Education is unique because:

I have the exciting job of placing students in schools for various field experiences, including student teaching. I also teach Lifespan Development and the Candidate Teaching (student teaching) seminars. I really enjoy watching students as they grow and change and become professionals.

I am successful at Reinhardt because:

I enjoy working with the students and external agencies like public school systems. Developing programs like the Para-pro Program with the Cherokee County School District provide a real creative challenge and is so rewarding to me. There are so many benefits from close collaboration with others, and I love the creative experience of program development.

What students have to say about Harriett Lindsey: 

The case study was a fun project which helped me relate everything we learned to real life.  --Anonymous

 She was very interesting and had open discussions.  --Anonymous

 She cared about our learning.  --Anonymous

 EDU 225 was my favorite class here at Reinhardt.  --Anonymous