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Julie SchultzJulie C. Schultz

Some of my favorite Reinhardt memories
"During freshman orientation a few years ago, a small group of us got together and helped the freshmen move into their dorms.  We made t-shirts and handed out pins that read 'Education moved me.'  We were sweating and exhausted by the end of the day, but we had a special bond from that day forward."

"I'm always touched by the amazing love our students have to share.  I remember one time during class when we received sad news about a relative of one of our students.  The students in my class sort of spontaneously got together to say a few words of prayer for this student and her family.  It was so unexpected and selfless, and those few moments will always remain with me in a very lucid and touching way.  In that brief moment, I knew I was in the right place."

What students have to say about Julie Schultz

"Dr. Schultz is a wonderful teacher--[she] has ways of teaching that draw you into the material...she is always so excited and energetic about what she is teaching...she always goes the extra mile to help you learn the material and she really wants you to succeed in her class."  --Pamela Parker

"My absolute favorite thing about Dr. Schultz is that...she always makes time for her students.  She doesn't give students answers to their problems--she guides them in the right direction so they can experience their own solutions...She is the most creative teacher I have ever met."  --Melissa Debes

"She made the class fun.  There was a lot of information, but she always gave us ways to help remember."  --anonymous

"She [had] different ways to teach us...[it wasn't] a lecture style class at all, and that was what was so awesome."  --anonymous

"I learned so much in [her] class.  She really cares about the needs of her students."  --anonymous