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Nancy CarterNancy Carter

I am so passionate about Reinhardt University and PSOE because:

"Students are special and credible, and the bonds that you create here will last quite some time. This is a special place. We think this is the way it is done, and it truly is not like this everywhere."

One of my favorite Reinhardt memories:

"Receiving the Teaching Excellence Award through the Georgia Foundation for Independent Colleges validated my work thus far at Reinhardt. I knew how happy I was to be here and how often I would find myself going above and beyond just because I wanted to-- of trying to make this education program the best it can be."

What students have to say about Nancy Carter

"Ms. Carter reminds us that we are just like our students, so remember what it feels like to be put on the spot." 
 --Melissa Ballard

"Ms. Carter is an energetic and wonderful professor who always wears a smile. She helps students when  help is needed--inside and outside of the classroom."  --Amber Foster

"She is always willing to listen and help us realize what is important."  --Mechelle Sams

"Ms. Carter has an excellent collection of books in her personal library.  She is always willing to let you check out her books to use for lesson plans and to read about good teaching techniques.  Although she is quite busy, she will always takes time out of her schedule to help any student who is having difficulty.  Ms. Carter has some excellent teaching strategies that she shares with her students, and her enthusiasm for teaching shows through in her teaching.  I personally love the reflection booklet she showed to us in class.  I have already used this in a fourth grade classroom and it works beautifully."  --Nicole Lawton