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Price School of Education

Shawn Brown

I am successful at Reinhardt because:

"As a teacher, advisor and mentor, I can relate to many of the students. I am a first generation college student, and I had to work throughout my college career.  I also believe my sense of humor helps."

The education program is effective because:

"We teach the students to differentiate to meet the needs of all students.  So if we are teaching our students how to differentiate, then we as professors also differentiate to meet the needs of the college student."

What students have to say about Shawn Brown

Shawn Brown's unique and personal teaching style left me feeling as though I had uncovered hidden knowledge within myself rather than forcing facts into my head.  My anxieties vanished after my first class with her.  Learning became a relaxed and natural experience.  I looked forward to every class.  --Layne Crabtree