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Sport Studies Program

Interested in the scholarly study of sport or in preparing for a sport-related career?

If so, the Sport Studies program at Reinhardt University might be just the degree option for you.  In our program, students study sport from a broad, cultural perspective and also prepare themselves for a variety of career opportunities in sport-related fields.  As a Sport Studies major, you might find yourself discussing the role of sport in American society one week, and sitting in the dugout at Turner Field as part of a class tour the next.  A unique aspect of the Sport Studies program is an extensive internship requirement that allows students to earn academic credit while gaining real-world experience. 

Scholarly study combined with practical experience:  The Sport Studies program at Reinhardt University.

Program Description

The Sport Studies program is a flexible, interdisciplinary degree designed for students interested in studying sport from a broad cultural perspective, or for students interested in pursuing career opportunities in sport-related fields.  Majors choose either a Sports Administration or a Sports Communication option.  The program includes an extensive capstone internship experience (12 Credits-600 hours), and an introductory practicum field experience (3 Credits-150 hours).

Program Goal

The Sport Studies Program is designed to develop graduates with a broad cultural perspective of sport, with practical skills suitable for employment in sport-related settings, and with ethical and moral characteristics suitable for assuming leadership roles in contemporary society.

Program Outcomes (PDF)

Practicum/Internship Application (MS Word DOC)