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Early Childhood EducationTeaching Green Eggs and Ham with a skit makes learning fun and effective.

Remember your favorite teachers?  What did they do that made them your favorites?  As an Early Childhood Education major in the Price School of Education (PSOE) at Reinhardt University, you will learn the skills you'll need to become a favorite of the students you teach!

Connecting with Students

You will learn to connect with students. You will know what they need to learn in each grade from kindergarten through fifth grade.  You'll be a great reading teacher, and your students will love learning mathematics, science and social studies from you.

Learning by Doing

Price School of Education faculty members will show you how to become a favorite teacher, and you will practice these effective teaching strategies.  

Success in Placement and in the Classroom

Reinhardt Early Childhood Education graduates over the past two years have been successful in getting their first job as a classroom teacher at a 97% rate. Follow-up with our graduates and their supervisors indicate they are also successful in the classroom.  Supervisors were asked to rate their new Reinhardt University teachers, and all new teachers were rated as either "very well prepared" or "well prepared" to be an effective teacher.

For more information about majoring in Early Childhood Education, please contact:

Dr. Mellanie Robinson
Assistant Professor of Early Childhood Education
Price School of Education