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English Language Arts Education

Are you considering teaching English at a high school?  What a great choice! 

Your love of reading and literature will be rewarded as you share your ideas with high school students and hear their ideas.  Think of how novels, short stories, and poetry have excited you. You can create that same enthusiasm in your classroom.  As a quality English teacher, you'll prepare your students to be successful as they go on to college.  They will be capable writers, use critical thinking to discuss the literature they have read, and show a true joy of reading.

Support from Education and English Faculty

In Reinhardt's Bachelor of Science in English Language Arts Education program, you'll take 36 semester hours of English.  The Reinhardt English faculty are tremendous and love what they do.  You'll learn how much when you take classes from them.  You'll not only study literature, poetry, linguistics, and grammar, but also observe the most effective ways to teach English as the Reinhardt faculty members model best practices.  As the faculty members mentor you, you will develop relationships with them that extend well beyond your four years at Reinhardt.  After you begin your teaching career, you can always contact them and get ideas on how to teach specific topics.

What You'll Learn in Your Coursework 

Experience in the Classroom

We value hands-on experience and you will have a number of field experience opportunities prior to clinical residency.  A Price School of Education faculty member and your high school English mentor will structure your field experience so that you effectively design your lesson plans and then implement them with high school students.

Come explore English Language Arts Education with us!

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Dr. Catherine Emanuel
Director, Center for Student Success