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Reinhardt Honors Program
"The Honors Program at Reinhardt helped to build my confidence. It allowed me to learn a great deal without a suffocating amount of work. Also the diversity of different majors within my classroom helped me to learn more than what was the current topic, which always led to interesting conversations. Deciding to join the Honors Program was probably one of my best decisions I made when deciding to go to Reinhardt!"

Rachel Kay
music education major

Reinhardt University Honors Program

Academic Rewards

Transcript record:  an individual course is noted as "Honors" on the student's college transcript.

Honors Certificate:  a student who earns an A or B grade in four (4) honors-designated core courses and maintains a minimum 3.0  grade-point average, GPA, may apply for an Honors Certificate.

Honors Program Graduate:  
A graduating senior may apply to be identified as an Honors Program Graduate and may have an Honors Program seal on his or her diploma, with the following three achievements:

1) an A or B grade in eight (8) honors courses, with at least four (4) core courses and at least two (2) sections of HON 301; and

2) evidence of forty (40) hours of stewardship; and

3) a cumulative GPA of at least 3.5 at completion of the bachelor's degree.

Honors Program graduates are recognized at a dinner for Honors Program students and honor society members held each spring during the Annual Convocation of Artists and Scholars, a weeklong celebration of academic and artistic excellence.